Lost Abbey finds friends in San Francicsco

Port Brewing/Lost Abbey takes San Francisco by storm.

As well as dazzling a crowd of about 100 at San Francisco’s Cathedral Hill Hotel, Port Brewing left behind beer from Bay Area drinkers at the Tornado and a couple of retails stores.

Hedonist Beer Jive has a full rundown on the beers. It is hard to believe they “thought we were drinking something called “WIPEOUT IPA” when they were sampling Lost Abbey Avant Garde, but the beer scored a perfect 10.

Plenty of photos at Brookston Beer Bulletin.

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  1. I know it sounds strange, but the menu SAID we were drinking “Wipeout IPA”. Of course I was thinking it was just some strange version of an IPA; I’m enough of a neophyte to not know any better.

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