Ice cold beer gets still colder

What does CAMRA thinks of Coors announcement it will serve beer at a temperature lower than freezing?

“If you serve any yellow liquid at that temperature you could probably drink it,” spokesman Iain Loe told The Telegraph. “Cynics would say that it was just a way of concealing the fact there’s no taste there. And if there are any off flavors, you are not going to notice.”

Coors said it had spent more than £10m over eight years developing the pouring mechanism for the beer called Sub Zero. It has taken out more than 50 patents on the one-minute, fully automated process.

The crux of the technology is the formation of soft frozen lager crystals in the top of the beer glass, as the lager is poured. These crystals melt away in the drinker’s mouth, while helping to keep the beer colder for longer, according to Coors.


6 Replies to “Ice cold beer gets still colder”

  1. Yum?


    I just read a report that the age of immaturity is rising, I think that’s being refelected in our tastebuds as well.


  2. Why drink beer that a)is too cold to taste b)is flavorless anyway and c)possibly has unpleasant flavors caused by who knows what being masked by coldness?
    And people are paying for this? This is certainly the Age of Immaturity.

  3. For those that already like a cold tasteless beer this may be just what the doctor ordered. BUT for those of us that like a good stout or lager served around 58-65 degrees this will be a disgrace to the beer industry. Too bad more of us here in the U.S. don’t appreciate good beer served at a temperature that allows the flavor to be savored.

  4. Coors makes me laugh… and cry.

    Laugh at the absurdity of freezing beer, and cry for the *millions* of consumers who will be further handicapped from ever honestly appreciating a beer.

  5. This just goes to show that if you advertise the hell out of something, the sheeple will follow. It should make you concerned about what’s possible with the concentration of money and power. Oh, right, it’s just a beer. What was I thinking?

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