How much would you pay for a beer pager?

Do you think this is real?

We’ve worked our way through a maze of gadget websites linking to this. And not a one tells you where to find a product you can actually buy. But is funny, so here goes:

Ever been at a party and couldn’t find your beer? Do you sometimes feel like that darn can is trying to elude you? I sure did! Alas, there is an end to this! The Beer Pager! Drop your can or bottle in it, clip the remote to your belt and enjoy the party. If you’re unable to find your drink, just press the red button, and a friendly belch will help you pinpoint its location.

This gadget can act both as a beer coaster and cup holder (though it looks quite bulky as a holder). Promising ‘Remote activation up to 60 feet’, the Beer pager will belch (literally) and flash some colorful LED’s when you press the red key on the remote. The cup holder also promises to ‘Keep you beverage chilled’.

Hopefully different beer pagers use different radio codes or imagine this: big party, at least 3-4 of these scattered around a room holding the same brand of beer, and all going [burp] and flashing when someone tries to locate ONE beer. Nasty, huh?

Click here for a photo.

The next belch you hear . . .

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