Dogfish offers ‘Off-centered Films’

Dogfish Head in Delaware has announced a film competition. Like everything else from Dogfish it will be a little different.

We heartily believe in the DIY-grassroots-david- beats-goliath approach. And now we want to give independent-minded, aspiring filmmakers the chance to let their own freak-flags fly by making their own films that celebrate the perseverance of the underdog!

We want to incorporate as many different, individual, vignettes of the ‘little engines that could’ into the world of Dogfish Head and we want to celebrate filmmakers whose visions jibe with our own. In addition to the copious booty we will lay on first-through-third place annual winners, we will show many of the competition submissions online and in our pubs and breweries as well. Our goal is to build a short film competition that is as far from the mainstream as our 90 Minute I.P.A. is from Bud Light. So what are you waiting for? Crack open a cold on, pour it into a nice snifter, and let it come up to cellar temperature while you storyboard. Sip. Brainstorm. Sip again. Write dialogue. Sip again. Cast. Sip. Make that film. Good luck. Cheers.

Dogfish already has “Off-centered Films for Off-centered People,” properly described “as anti-ads lampooning the macho, misogynistic posturing of the big breweries and their commitment to drinking everything ICE COLD!”

The brewery can’t afford to show them anywhere but its brewpubs and the Internet, but the downloads are easy and it’s equally handy to e-mail the spots to your friends.