Celebrate the Beer Hunter toast with videos, photos

Real Beer will collect photos and videos from Sunday’s National Toast to Michael Jackson to post at the Beer Hunter website.

You can help. Take a camera with you to whatever Toast you will be attending (or hosting). Capture the moment. We’ll soon post information about how to add your photos and videos to the archive.

We’d really like to have thousands of faces of people who knew Michael, whether personally and on a first name basis, from hearing him speak or simply reading his books and articles.

Here are some of the questions you might ask:

– When did you first meet the Beer Hunter and what do you remember about the meeting?
– What’s you’re favorite Michael Jackson story? (Involving you or not)
– What’s the best question you heard him ask?
– What’s the best advice you heard him give?
– How did he change what you do or how you think?
– How would you describe him in one word?

Finally: What beer will/did you drink in his honor?

3 Replies to “Celebrate the Beer Hunter toast with videos, photos”

  1. Met the Beer Hunter at a Beer Festival held in the Brooklyn Brewery – he was autographing copies of his books that were being sold. As a hophead, I expressed concern that my palate for hops was becoming desensitized. He confirmed that such a condition is an occupational hazard for brewers that generally gets worse with age, and that at some point a brewer can’t be relied upon to detect a reasonable hop balance in an ale.

    Don’t recall how the conversation shifted, but think I mentioned I could be content with drinking only Sierra Nevada Pale Ale because of its hop blend. He in turn indicated that he could be content with drinking regular Anchor Steam Ale, which suprised me somewhat since I mistakenly thought he’d go for something hoppier. In retrospect it makes sense for him to have selected a beer that would not depend so much on hops as his taste buds became less capable of appreciating the flavor.

    I have no idea if Anchor Steam remained his favorite “regular” beer, but, in his honor, I will drink a Sierra Nevada. . .only it will be an IPA, given my desire for more hoppiness (i.e. less sensitive taste buds).

  2. I first met Jackson at a private tasting at the White Horse Pub during the Great British Beer Festival. What I admired the most was his simplicity and humbleness at all the attention he was getting. He said “I write about what I love be it beer or whiskey. It is amazing how many look for me to tell them what to drink when they should search for that on their own”

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