Cap lifted for Iowa breweries

Iowa Gov. Chet Culver has signed a bill that allow Iowa breweries to make and sell beers up to 12% alcohol by volume. Out of state breweries were already selling these stronger beers in Iowa, but in-state breweries were restricted to a 5% abv. A movement for Iowa Beer Equality arose to remove the competitive disadvantage Iowa breweries faced. The passing of SF 2088 now allows Iowa brewers to sell many more styles of beer.

To celebrate Olde Main Brewing in Ames will let customers pick the first strong beer the brewpub offers. “We’ve been getting a lot of questions on what will be the first high proof beer we brew,” Olde Main’s Jill Haverkamp said, “so we are planning to let the people decide by doing a poll.” Customers can vote at the brewery’s website.

The Sioux City Journal surveyed other breweries via email to see what they had planned. The responses:

Rock Bottom Brewery, Des Moines – New Era Barleywine, Belgo India Pale Ale, an imperial stout and an imperial red ale.

Granite City Food and Brewery, locations in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids and Davenport – “We have an IPA that we distribute to all our 26 restaurants, but since we have three in Iowa, we have always brewed it to the Iowa limit,” brewmaster Cory O’Neel said. “We will tweak the recipe to where it always should have been.”

Old Man River Brewing Co., McGregor – A doppelbock. “I’m looking forward to giving it a go,” brewer Jacob Simmons said.

Worth Brewing Co., Northwood – “A strong Belgian ale is a definite,” said brewer Peter Ausenhus. “I am also very excited about brewing a proper English old ale and some authentic German bocks.”

Raccoon River Brewing Co., Des Moines – “I currently make a double hopped version of our Bandit IPA called Bandito Loco, that I’m looking forward into making a true double IPA” said brewer David Coy.

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