Brooklyn, Carlsberg to partner with Norwegian brewery

Brooklyn Brewery and Denmark’s Carlsberg have announced another brewing collaboration, this time with Ringnes in Norway.

The three companies will a new brewery with pub, restaurant, conference facilities and visitor center established at the existing Ringnes E.C. Dahls brewery site in Trondheim, Norway. The brewery will produce both popular local Dahls beer and new beers that take inspiration from both Norwegian and US craft brewing traditions.

E.C. Dahls is the second brewery collaboration between Carlsberg and Brooklyn. One year ago, Carlsberg and Brooklyn opened a brewery in Stockholm – the New Carnegie Brewery – a revival of Sweden’s Carnegie Brewery.

“This is great news for the E.C. Dahls brewery, and great news for beer lovers in Norway and beyond,” said Jørn Tolstrup Rohde, senior vice president for Western Europe at Carlsberg Group. “Carlsberg’s collaboration with Brooklyn continues to explore new possibilities in craft brewing. Carlsberg started its life as a small brewery in Copenhagen back in 1847, and thanks to the resurgence of craft brewing in recent times, more and more people are getting interested in the world of beer. We think that’s very positive.”

Brooklyn brewmaster Garrett Oliver, is a frequent visitor to Norway and will help develop a new line of beers for Norwegian beer drinkers. “The new E.C. Dahls will celebrate the great tradition of Dahls and bring the brewery and its portfolio into the world of craft beer,” Oliver said. “Norway already has a great beer scene, and we’re really excited to be part of it.”