Brewers Association promotes Small BREW Act, opposes BEER Act

The Brewers Association has issued a press released indicates it opposed the BEER Act, legislation introduced in the U.S. house and supported by the Beer Institute.

It begins by explaining that legislation was introduced in Congress that is supported by the BA and called the Small BREW Act. Bob Pease, CEO of the Brewers Association, issued the following statement on the BEER Act:

“While the Brewers Association supports lowering excise taxes for small brewers, the BEER Act is not the way to do it. There are several problematic issues with this legislation including cost to the country, job creation and fairness.

“The BEER Act gives further tax advantages to multinational brewing companies that not only already pay lower rates than purely domestic brewers, but also have cut thousands of U.S. jobs in the past six years and export and shelter their U.S. profits.

“We stand firmly rooted in our support for the Small BREW Act, fair legislation that will allow small brewers to remain competitive in the marketplace, reinvest in their businesses, reinvigorate local economies and continue their role in rejuvenating the job market in the U.S.”

The BA has created an infographic that compares the two measures (enlarge the graphic by click anywhere on it).

Comparing Small BREW Act and BEER Act

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