Beer tax battle heads to the Internet

Illinois beer distributors have taken their their fight against Mayor Daley’s proposed beer tax increase to the Internet.

Stop Chicago Liquor Tax Increase” gives interested parties a direct connection to the Chicago aldermen who will be voting on Daley’s proposal, according to a press release from the Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois.

Mayor Daley’s tax proposal calls for an 87.5% on all liquor sold in the city. The increase would raise the cost of beer 30 cents per gallon, or approximately eight cents per six-pack. The ABDI says this would make Chicago beer one of the most heavily taxed beverages in the nation.

One Reply to “Beer tax battle heads to the Internet”

  1. Not sure how they calculate- but 30 cents per gallon is over 16 cents per six pack where I grew up in Milwaukee!

    Hope they defeat this thing.

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