What’s your beer pose say about you?

CollegeHumor.com offers a list “revealing” what your beer of choice says about you. Stuff like . . . “Stella : I’m a pretentious prick.”

This sent to us the archives to find a 2001 study commissioned by Guinness about what can be learned from how people hold their glasses. Dr. Aric Sigman, a psychologist and biologist identified six basic drinking poses. As you’ll notice, the examples are UK-centric.

The six categories of drinking demeanor found in male drinkers aged 18 to 40:

Pose 1: Libidinous or sex-mad. Exemplified in the “firm erect grip” round the middle of the glass, coupled with an arched back, stretching pectoral muscles and a swaying pelvis, generally making grand gestures with the non pint-holding hand. Example: singer Robbie Williams.

Pose 2: Self-righteous. Glass held aloft, as if toasting a crowd of adoring acolytes (or himself), the spare hand rests limply on the hip. Example: Tony Blair.

Pose 3: Deep thinker. Demands that the drinker stare deeply into the head of the pint, occasionally fondling it gently with his fingers, giving the impression the drinker’s thoughts are elsewhere. Example: actor Jude Law.

Pose 4: Jack the lad. The glass is grasped like a weapon or trigger, the pint arm is outstretched, and the arms are often gesticulating. Lots of spillage. Examples: Oasis stars Liam and Noel Gallagher.

Pose 5: Anal retentive. Cowers protectively over his pint — arms crossed, shoulders hunched and on the defensive. Example: EastEnders character Ian Beale.

Post 6: Henpecked. The drinker holds the pint tilted inwards, near the chin, with the elbow tucked in as if protecting against unwanted advances. Instead of bringing the pint to the mouth, this drinker brings his mouth to his pint. The head remains tilted forward especially if there is an assertive or dominant admirer nearby. Example: David Beckham.