What Would You Do For A Kegerator?

If you’d like to have your own Kegerator to dispense draft beer in your home, all it takes it a video camera and enough creativity to be the next George Lucas or Martin Scorsese. Kegerators.com is holding a video contest with a grand prize of a kegerator. The deadline to submit your own kegerator-themed Citizen Kane is August 13 and full details can be found on the Kegerator website. Just release your inner Jackass in video form, showing just what you’d do to win a free Kegerator, upload it to YouTube or Google Video and then submit it using the online form. That’s pretty much it, though there is the requisite fine print at the bottom, but it looks like pretty standard stuff. Maybe this is how Stephen Spielberg got his big break.

5 Replies to “What Would You Do For A Kegerator?”

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