What would Rocky drink?

The latest movie in the Rocky series, “Rocky Balboa,” raises an interesting question. What would Rocky drink?

Don Russell, Joe Sixpack, is on the case.

A powerful reminder that it wasn’t long ago regional beer brands mattered.

When asked the question, Sylvester Stallone answered “Rolling Rock” – but just because it was a Pennsylvania beer doesn’t mean it was a Philadelphia beer.

2 Replies to “What would Rocky drink?”

  1. I think someone should tell Sylvester Rolling Rock is no longer a PA beer.
    A-B stole it from Latrobe PA and is now making it in NJ. Take my word on this people in PA are not at all happy about Rolling Rock leaving Latrobe PA. I was a long time employee at the Latrobe brewery and what A-B did was wrong!!!!!! They stole our history and are trying to pass it off as their own. Leaving our childern that worked their with out jobs. Some where 2nd and 3rd generation.

  2. Hey Joe,
    Sorry for your loss, but your anger should be directed to your previous owners. They didn’t have to sell! And I’m sure A-B gave you a reasonable severence and/or moving opportunity with the company. Or did you pass on that? Your pain is noted, but give the old owners a call with your complaints. What “they” did was wrong!!!

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