Welcome to Beer Therapy

Realbeer.com’s Beer Therapy is our variation of a “blog.”

We started blogging in January of 2001, before blogging was an oft-used verb. Unfortunately, when we reached the fall of 2005 we discovered a couple of things.

First, although it wasn’t our fault many entries contained links that were no longer valid. Second, the software we were using was not nearly as cool as what WordPress (our choice) and others offer these days.

Thus we made the hard decision to jettison nearly five years (going on 1,000) entries and start anew with Beer Therapy.

Drop by often to see what we have to say, who we are linking to, and to participate by adding your own comments.

Even easier, if you subscribe to our RSS feed (What’s that mean? Here’s a primer) you’ll get an almost daily (mini) newsletter from us. We think Firefox makes it particularly easy.

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