Weihenstephaner Vitus chosen ‘World Best’

Judges in the World Beer Awards chose Weihenstephaner Vitus as the World’s Best Wheat Beer and World’s Best Beer, it was announced today.

A strong, pale wheat beer, Vitus emerged from three rounds of international judging in the competition sponsored by Paragraph Publishing in the United Kingdom. Beers are first judged blind in Europe, the United States and Asia. Style winners from each region are then tasted against each other — again blind — to select World’s Best Style champions.

From these world winners judges later select the World’s Best Ale, Pale Ale, Lager, Stout & Porter and Wheat Beer.

Other World’s Best category winners were: Rodenbach Grand Cru (Best Ale), Samuel Adams Double Bock (Best Lager), Deschutes Hop Henge (Best Pale Ale), and Harvey’s Imperial Extra Double Stout (Best Stout & Porter).

The complete list of winners, both international and regional, is available at the World Beer Awards website. The results, with descriptions of winning beers, may also be founded in a downloadable book.

For instance, here is how Vitus — which also won the World’s Best Wheat award in 2010 — is described:

“Aroma of banana, cloves and wheat. Floral and citrusy. Palate of banana, clove and sweet fermented fruit. Fruity bubblegum, big spicy flavours. Medium bodied with a creamy texture. Full and warming. Lively carbonation and a long finish.”