Weekend link-o-rama

Some noteworthy blog posts and other beer discussions of the last week:

Beer: “Official Drink of Knuckleheads” – Can you guess the beer?

News Flash! – A particularly good one from the dependable Beer Haiku Daily.

Celebrating the arrival of Schlenkerla Helles Lagerbier.

Dating Old Rasputin – OK, the title just struck as as funny.

Are we winning? The Realbeer.com community discusses sales trends.

Saying cheers, from afar – Drinking glasses that communicate with each other via wireless.

Brewing and journalism – A curious analogy in The Economist.

Wit before and after – Nice pictures from a Flossmoor Station brewing session.

Mars Attracts! This place in Manhattan once planned to be a brewpub – and still has a brewing kettle on display.