Voters bring back Sam Adams Honey Porter

Samuel Adams Honey Porter is back, this time based on voting in the Beer Lover’s Choice contest conducted by Boston Beer Co.

Beer drinkers tasted both the Honey Porter and Samuel Adams Smoked Lager in nearly 800 tasting events across the country late last summer, then voted for the beer they preferred. Honey Porter won, 8,206-5,984.

Honey Porter is brewed in the style of an English porter, with Scottish heather honey included. Boston Beer The beer was previously brewed by Boston Beer and captured awards at several larger beer competitions before

It will be featured in Samuel Adams Brewmaster’s Collection, a 12-pack available nationwide, and also offered by itself in six-packs starting in January.

3 Replies to “Voters bring back Sam Adams Honey Porter”

  1. I picked up a six pack of SA Honey Porter and while it is an excellent beer, I remember it being a heartier brew back in the late 80’s.

    Do my taste buds, or my memory, fail me?

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