Toast Tonight’s Beer Summit With An American Brew

The good folks at Dogfish Head Brewery are planning a toast in a little less than an hour, at 6:00 p.m. EST. Here’s the plan:

So the crew over at the White House have their beer summit planned – who knows what they’ll end up drinking – we’ve most recently heard it’s going to be Bud Light (eee gads!), but we know what they should be drinking – fantastic beer from a great American craft brewery!

There are thousands of great American craft breweries (more than 1500 of us at last count), and we’d love to see the President and his crew coming together over a craft beer. But whatever they end up drinking – one thing this whole brew-ha-ha has accomplished is getting the word out about American craft beer.

So, to celebrate the depth and diversity of the American craft beer movement, we propose a toast. We invite you to join us (either at our Rehoboth Beach brewpub or on our live webstream) at 6:00pm Thursday, July 30th for a toast to American craft beer.

Just because they may not enjoy great American craft beer at the White House doesn’t mean you can’t!!!