Thirsty Traveler offers beer advice

Ever watch The Thirsty Traveler – Kevin Brauch – on the Fine Living Network?

Pilsner Urquell has hired him to host a new website called the Beer Advisor.

“Today’s beer aficionados want more than just a beer, they want a total beer experience, and they rely on their trusted bartender to guide them,” said Evan Cohen, U.S. brand manager for Pilsner Urquell. “ is a comprehensive resource that arms bartenders, wait staff, restaurant managers and others in the hospitality industry with all the information they need to give their patrons the experience they’re looking for, and then some.”

Although Pilsner Urquell is the sponsor, the Czech beer – SABMiller now owns the brand – does not get particularly preferential treatment.

The presentation has the same feel, some would say sophistication, as the TV series. In his show, Brauch wanders the world in search of all manner of drink, so he might check out vodka in Russian, then beer in Alaska (the latter obviously focusing on the craft beer). In contrast, this site – as Cohen’s statement would indicate – is oriented first toward those who sell beer.

If you visit you’ll quickly conclude that Pilsner Urquell put some bucks behind this project. So – and I ‘ve written about this before – why is it that when you visit a beer website that asks for your age that you have to enter it on every visit? The site may remember all sorts of other things about you, but not your age. It’s not just a nuisance, but trust me on this, when you get older you don’t always want to be reminded of your age.

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  1. BTW — as fancy and expensive as it may look, the web site has issues if you’re a Mac user. Be forwarned.

  2. might be just your mac or the fact that you need to update your flash player. I’m running a G5 with 10.4.8 and experienced no problems.

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