The best 10 beer cities in the world

MSNBC has a list of the “Top 10 cities for beer lovers,” which was compiled by

The cities are listed in alphabetical order so Amersterdam is first on the list and Sapporo is last (of the 10, still pretty heady terriroty).

Two American cities earned spots – Portland, Oregon, which is no surprise. And Burlington, Vermont, which is a suprise. Burlington is a delightful beer town and Magic Hat deserves the attention it gets in the story, but where is Vermont Pub & Brewery? After all, founder Greg and Nancy Noonan helped get brewpub legalized in Vermont and its impossible to overestimate how many brewer Noonan has influenced.

We’ll quit nitpicking now and leave it to you to answer questions like “If you were to pick one German city which would it be?” or “If you were to pick on Belgian city which would it be?”

6 Replies to “The best 10 beer cities in the world”

  1. I think their definition of “beer lover” and my definition must differ. I certainly don’t know any one that I would call a beer lover that would put Mexico City on their list of great beer cities. And Sapporo Japan on the same top ten list with Portland Oregon?

    I guess this is why we rely on real beer drinkers for our beer information, rather than MSNBC.

  2. Mike Royko once said that the top ten selling beers in the US tasted as if they were drawn through a horse. In my humble opinion you can add Berlin, Mexico and Sapporo.

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