Surviving the Philly Craft Beer Festival

Don Russell (Joe Sixpack) has tips, lot of tips, for those headed to the Philadelphia Craft Beer Festival on Saturday.

I’m worried that some of you are a bit out of shape.

Now, I know that many of you have been flexing those elbows at the excellent festivals surrounding the city, in Kennett Square, Adamstown, even Harrisburg. And Philly continues to host many smaller fests, including the annual Penn Museum tasting with Michael Jackson and Sippin’ by the River at Penn’s Landing.

But the Philly Craft Beer Festival is the big time in the big city, folks.

Most important tip: “Yes, you’ll get a buzz on (so read on about transportation). But instead of drinking everything you see, have a plan and you’ll have more fun.”

Second most important tip: “Drink water. It’ll slow your pace and clear your palate.” It may also keep you from getting dehyradated (your hangover will thank you in the morning).