Summit launches community for fun and obscure

Summit Brewing in Minnesota has launched a website it is calling The Social Element. It is video-driven and designed to “show off the mad skills of the adventurous, outrageous, exciting, fun and obscure groups you thought may exist, but were afraid to ask.”

The web-based community project focuses on the kinds of outside-the-box activities seen on the streets of Saint Paul and beyond.

They’re the activities that make you say, “Say What?” It’s the double-tall bike makers and riders, nordic battle reenactment “warriors”, and the Lake Superior surfers who make what it is – a community of groups that share the common bond of passion for activities one wouldn’t ordinarily see or do.

Dozens of smaller breweries have tapped into Internet social networks, most often at MySpace. A few (with links to their MySpace pages, so you may want to turn down the volume on your computer):

Flying Dog Brewery
New Holland Brewing
Boulevard Brewing
Schlafly Beer