Stella 9-Point Pour now online game

Stella Artois’ World Draught Masters competition has begun, and this year allows contestants to enter online.

The U.S. finals for the competition, now in its 14th year, are set for Sept. 17 in Boston. The winner earns a spot in the 2010 Stella Artois World Draught Masters final in Old Billingsgate, London Oct. 28. Fifteen of the 16 U.S. finalists will come from live regional competitions with one wild-card participant randomly chosen from the top 25 national scorers in the interactive 9-Step Pouring Ritual game found at

“A perfect pour is fundamental to experiencing the perfect Stella Artois,” said Alexander Lambrecht, global marketing manager for Stella Artois. “The brand’s time-honored 9-Step Pouring Ritual helps ensure all adults around the world are served as they have been in Belgium for more than 600 years. Belgium’s gold-standard lager should only be poured one way, and it is important that all those who enjoy Stella Artois pay as much attention to serving it as we do to making it.”

Regional competition began this week in Tampa and continues into September.