Santa’s Butt beer un-banned

And the award for best headline on the last story we have to send you about the banning of Santa’s Butt goes to the International Herald Tribune: Santa’s Butt, women’s breasts OK on beer labels after all, U.S. state says.

Maine’s beer sellers are now free to put Santa’s Butt beer on their shelves. The essentials:

The brew, along with two beers with labels depicting bare-breasted women, had been off shelves after the Maine Bureau of Liquor Enforcement blocked a beer importer from selling them.

State officials worried the Santa’s Butt label might appeal to children. It has a rear view of a beer-drinking Santa sitting on a “butt,” a large barrel brewers once used to store beer.

But the state’s actions were reversed after the state attorney general’s office determined beer importer probably would win the lawsuit the American Civil Liberties Union filed on its behalf last month.

Don’t you feel better?

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