Samuel Adams voluntarily recalls bottles

The Boston Beer Company announced a voluntary recall of select 12-ounce bottles of its Samuel Adams beer which may contain small grains or bits of glass.

The precautionary recall comes after routine quality control inspections at the company’s Cincinnati brewery detected defects in certain beer bottles, manufactured by a third-party glass bottle supplier that might cause small bits of glass to break off and possibly fall into the bottle. The affected bottles come from only one of the five glass plants that supply the company with bottles.

The affected products are embossed on the base of the bottles with the following marking: The letter “N” followed by the number “35” followed by the letters “OI.”

Boston Beer has set up for website for consumers where they may enter bottle codes to see if they have bottles that have been recalled.

2 Replies to “Samuel Adams voluntarily recalls bottles”

  1. I had to laugh! About twelve years ago, when we were living in Keene N.H,
    We bought a six pack of the new Boston beer, and found a ton of glass in it. My hubby got a mouthfull. We called the customer service folks and got a nice verbal thank you. I don’t know what ever came of it. We were told to throw our beer out and they would send us coupons. Never received a thing. Being from Cape Cod, myself, and My Husband from Boston we still buy it. Rugged New Englanders say, ” A little glass never hurt anyone!”

  2. This is Grant Wood, one of the brewers from Boston Beer. Wanted to let you know that as far as we know, there’s no reason to be concerned about bottles marked N35OI from other brewers. The bottle we’re recalling is custom made for Boston Beer, and we have no reason to believe that other bottles beyond ours would have a similar issue even if they were made at the same plant

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