Picture of Jesus holding beer causes uproar

News from Kuala Lumpur:

A police report was lodged against a Tamil newspaper for publishing a front-page picture of Jesus Christ holding a cigarette in one hand and a can of beer in the other.

The report, lodged by a Puchong MIC member at the Tun H.S. Lee police station, alleged that the picture was a “threat to national harmony”.

Makkal Osai, a Tamil daily, printed the picture in its Tuesday’s edition with a caption quoting Christ as saying: “If someone repents for his mistakes, then heaven awaits them.”

This is a serious ruckus. The Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur, Datuk Murphy Pakiam, said: “It is very sacred to Catholics. As such, this caricature of Jesus is a desecration and therefore hurtful to the religious sentiments of Catholics.”

7 Replies to “Picture of Jesus holding beer causes uproar”

  1. True, but it’s the intent behind the picture that makes it hurtful. Jesus drank wine, sure, but the concept behind depicting Him with a can of beer and a smoke is NOT to display Him in the best possible light, if you know what I mean… it could only be used to divide people. Frustrating that people still like to pick fights in this manner…

  2. The quote, “If someone repents for his mistakes, then heaven awaits them.” is also quite egregious and against Christian teaching. Forgiveness awaits, but committing sin because you can be forgiven is a sin in itself – it is a perversion of Hope.

  3. WWJDrink? He’d probably drink at his local. In fact he’d probably drink locally (and think globally!). If he wasn’t stuck in the middle east, then perhaps he’d like beer from all over the world. Weizenbock, Trappists (of course!), local lagar and well hopped ales. Yeah, he’d be liking the craft of beer and brewers from all over the world.

  4. In a multi racial country like Malaysia where we practice religous tolerance it was down right degrading to the Christian community for someone to publish a photograph of that nature! Newspapers need to more responsible in publishing articles or pictures based on any religon esp. in a country like Malaysia.

  5. Is that as bad as Mohammed cartoons? I liked the one showing Mo with an erection fondling his 6 year old “wife”.

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