On the new beer front . . .

  • Full Sail Brewing’s Hop Pursuit — 6% abv and 55 IBU — features “less aggressive, old school craft brewing hops” Cascade, Willamette and Mt. Hood grown in Oregon. A press release from the Hood River, Oregon, brewery states, “These give the beer a nice and fresh citrus
    herbal character without a lot of intensity; instead it has a softly flavorful character with touches of orange and lemon.”
  • 21st Anniversary Ale from Karl Strauss Brewing in San Diego is a Belgian strong ale (10.2% abv) brewed with the juice from old vine Zinfandel grapes. “Last year we were busy with a brewery expansion and getting our new bottling line up and running. Now that we’ve got all the hard stuff behind us, we’re ready to have some fun!” said Paul Segura, Karl Strauss brewmaster. “We wanted to brew something you really don’t see—a blend of wine and beer.”
  • Batemans in England has begun shipping Mr. George’s Ruby Porter to the U.S. market. Mr. George’s is identical to the beer sold in England known as Batemans Dark Lord, but re-named for the U.S. market due to a trademark conflict. SBS Imports of Seattle imports the 5% abv. “Our Father (known at the brewery as Mr. George) was keenly interested in having our brand return to the USA after a lengthy absence. We’re pleased to name the beer in his honor to celebrate our second year back in America,” marketing director Jaclyn Bateman said.
  • Michelob Ginger Wheat replaces Honey Wheat in the 2010 Michelob Brewing Co. Spring/Summer Sampler Pack. The brewery describes the beer, 5.2% abv, as a “twist on the classic unfiltered Belgian wheat ale, brewed with wheat malt, citrus peels and spices, complemented by a spicy ginger aroma and taste.” it joins Shock Top Belgian White, Hop Hound Amber Wheat and Michelob Dunkel Weisse in the sampler pack.
  • GUBNA Imperial IPA is the lnewest beer in cans from Oskar Blues Brewery in Longmont, Colo. The recipe includes German dark Munich malt and rye malt plus citrusy Summit hops exclusively. The beer is 10% abv, with International Bitterness Units (IBU) calculated at 100. The suggested retail price for four-packs is $14.99 and the beer is available in the 26 states where Oskar Blues beers are sold.