Oklahoma brewers ask for support on sampling law

The Oklahoma Craft Brewers Guild is asking state residents to contract their state senator and ask him or her to support Oklahoma House Bill 1341, which would allow licensed brewers to serve free samples (limited to 12 ounces per day) to brewery visitors.

The Senate is scheduled to vote on the bill on Tuesday or Wednesday.

The Guild is provides its reasons for promoting H.B. 1341:

– The bill will help Oklahoma brewers educate consumers about their beer and breweries and thus grow demand for their beer in the marketplace.

– H.B. 1341 is pro-tourism legislation that will encourage more visitors, both in-state and out of state, to Oklahoma breweries.

– This bill seeks to offer the same educational opportunities to beer drinkers as wine drinkers. Oklahoma wineries are already permitted to offer samples on their licensed premises.

– It helps in continuing to build a vibrant craft beer culture and grow the economic contributions of jobs and related services in Oklahoma.

The bill has already been approved by the House.

How to locate a senator.