Nine good reasons to drink beer

The Publican reports that many health benefits of moderate beer drinking are unique to beer.

At a conference in Brussels, a researcher said: “The media and public tend to focus on wine. However, the emerging evidence is the real benefits are related to the alcohol itself and so the positive story also relates to other drinks such as beer.”

The researchers noted that moderate beer drinking:

– Reduces the risk of heart disease
– Helps keep blood pressure down and reduce the risk of stroke
– Benefits the immune system meaning healthy adults are less prone to get infections
– Has anti-inflammatory effects which contributes to heart health
– Could play a role in the battle against osteoporosis as it
– Improves bone mineral density which contributes to healthy bones
– Helps fight cancer because of compounds in hops called flavinoids
– Decreases the risk of dementia due to its beneficial effect on preserving brain function in old age
– Can protect against type II diabetes.

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  1. this is the best new for me since christmas, age 6. i got my first bike. beer, beer,beer, drink it with nothing to fear. its benefits are legion. to you beer, the drink with the most i extend a heart felt prost

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