NH considers allowing stronger beer

The New Hampshire legislature is struggling with a bill that would boost the ceiling on alcohol allowed in beer from 12% abv to 18%.

A compromise was reached Tuesday that gives the state Liquor Commission the power to approve the sale of specialty beer above 12% on an individual basis.

“This allows the state of New Hampshire to maintain its proper scrutiny of the industry but at the same time achieve economic success in the alcohol selling business,” said Eddie Edwards, law enforcement chief with the SLC.

Also learned in this story: That Vermont caps beer at 8% abv.

3 Replies to “NH considers allowing stronger beer”

  1. I’ll give a muted “Hooray!” Why on an individual basis? Are each version of flavored vodka and rum scrutinized individually when Stoli or Bacardi want to sell them in NH? Somehow, I doubt it. There should be no “struggle” with this issue. High gravity craft beer has little, if any, appeal to youth. The bang for their buck would be and probably is better spent on cheaper macrobrews and lower priced hard liquors.

    Cheers to Rep. John Hunt for understanding common sense.
    Jeers to Rep. James Martin for buying into scare tactics of substance abuse groups.

    If Rep. Martin is truly concerned with these beers finding their way to the next HS kegger, I’ll be waiting for his campaign to improve and toughen alcohol sales through proper hiring, training and identification practices. But that would make too much sense and doesn’t have quite the sizzle as a hot debate over kids getting bombed on World Wide Stout.

  2. The NH legislature (democrats no less) has allowed homos to get married, yet won’t allow stronger beer gimme a break…go back to taxachussetts.

  3. It is a bad news.I don’t like drinking because it is not good for health.. People who are addicted to it cannot work properly.It is also bad for your health.we should not appreciate this decision.


    Philip Jones

    Addiction Recovery New Hampshire

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