New Miller beer ‘As light as it gets’

Miller Brewing might be pleased enough with the early success of a 64-calorie called MGDL-4 (or Miller Genuine Draft Light) it might extend the test throughout the Midwest and maybe even beyond.

Brandweek reports that MGDL-64, which debuted in August in Madison, Wis., has fared particularly well with women who sampled the low-calorie beer against Coors Light and Michelob Ultra from Anheuser-Busch.

Its tagline “As light as it gets” has appeared on retail displays as well as on out-of-home signage.

Miller rep Julian Green said, “We have made no definitive decisions about MGDL-64 beyond Madison and while we’re encouraged by the early results in Madison we’re waiting for a more detailed assessment which will influence our decision.”

6 Replies to “New Miller beer ‘As light as it gets’”

  1. Why in God’s name do people drink this stuff when there are so many fine craft and/or microbrews out there that actually have taste. “As Light As it Gets”??? May as well drink water…

  2. Im all for a beer with 64 calories and the same amount of alcohol as regular beer. I dont want to look like the typical Wisconsin Fat Ass.

  3. I’m with Joe I think Millers new product mgd 64 is great. Tastes as good or better than other light beer and has at least 30% less calories. The way I look at it every 3rd beer is calories free. no guilt at all.

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