New beers on the market

– Beer No. 3 in Anheuser-Busch’s new seasonal lineup is called Spring Heat Spiced Wheat. From the press release: ” . . . an unfiltered Belgian-style wheat ale, which is naturally cloudy. Brewed with orange, lemon and lime peels; the spice of coriander; two-row barley and wheat malts; as well as a blend of domestic Cascade and Willamette hops and imported Hallertau hops, this beer is memorably aromatic and has a smooth, complex taste.” Like the first two beers in this series, Spring Heat is available only on draft.

Magic Hat Brewing in Vermont has released its first new year-round beer in nearly three years. Circus Boy is the brewery’s take on an American hefeweizen. From the press release: “Unfiltered and unfettered, it’s a deliciously light-bodied beer brewed for wide consumer appeal and ultimate drinkability for all seasons. Each sip of Circus Boy contains a pronounced wheat malt character, yet is free of the overly spiced phenolic yeast flavors that mar the typical imported hefeweizen.” Magic Hat points out American hefeweizens experienced 15% growth in 2005 and are now the fifth.

Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware’s seasonal ApriHop is out. Basically fruit beer meets India Pale Ale, the beer is brewed with real apricots and finished with whole-leaf Amarillo and Warrior hops. 7% ABV 55 IBU.

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  1. Never had the opportunity to try the Magic hat, but I love the Aprihop beer, of course I don’t think I have had a beer from Dogfish that I didn’t like. Regarding the A-B Spring heat Spiced wheat, since its only available draft, is their any indication in what regions of the country it will be served? I have not seen this or the other two beers in the Texas area. Thanks.

  2. Not interested in any of these offerings. Another Belgian beer, wow. Apricot beer has been done before, try Pyramid’s Apricot ale for anyboody west of the Mississippi River. Looks like another boring start to the new year as far as beer is concerned.

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