More ‘Bud TV’ seems likely

Advertising Age reports that Anheuser-Busch is getting into the content business.

The country’s largest brewer is launching its own in-house film and TV production company that will make humorous shorts and sitcom-type programs to be broadcast over the internet and to cellphones, according to four people familiar with the matter, and could branch into full-length films.

Like anything A-B does, don’t expect them to settle for halfway. But does that mean they’ll tap into the viral magic of the ‘net? So far, Miller’s “Man Laws” campaign seems to be attracting a lot more attention than A-B’s “Here’s to Beer.”

A-B might take a hint from Smirnoff. You’ll find its “Tea Partay” video at YouTube and of this morning had been viewed more than 800,000 views (in less than three weeks).