Minnesota woman wins Lallemand scholarship

G.L. Exire LaTourA Minneapolis woman has won the 2006 Lallemand Scholarship that entitles her to a two-week brewing course at the Siebel Institute of Technology. Winner Gera (G.L.) Exire LaTour has been brewing since March 2004.

The Lallemand Scholarship goes annually to a member of the American Homebrewers’ and includes $2,900 for tuition to the World Brewing Academy Concise Course in Brewing Technology but also $1,000 to use for expenses.

The winner won her first blue ribbon at the Minnesota State Fair Home Brew Contest with a Cucumber Dill Cream Ale. She is an active member of the Minnesota Homebrewers Association, where she is known for her eclectic beers. She is a Certified Beer Judge with the BJCP and helps organize local BJCP exam prep classes.

2 Replies to “Minnesota woman wins Lallemand scholarship”

  1. I judged a cucumber beer last week at the second round of National Homebrew Contest, with the judges at the table (beers were divided for first evaluation) sending it on for medal contention.

    That’s when I tasted it. Very cucumber. Needed a little more beer element, but pretty impressive.

    One of the judges in he previous round said he was tempted to write “Use smaller cucumbers.”

    It was funny to us, but then we were judging beer at 10 in the morning.


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