MillerCoors specialty company swings into action

MillerCoors has announced that it will call its new company focused on craft and import beers “Tenth and Blake Beer Company.”

“This is a unique and exciting period in the beer business,” Tom Cardella, the company’s CEO, said for a press release. “With the added focus on our craft and import brands and the talent within our brewing network, Tenth and Blake Beer Company has the opportunity to make an impact and continue to help grow this segment. We’re made up of passionate brewers and merchants of the world’s finest specialty brews, and we look forward to celebrating the joy of beer with beer drinkers throughout the U.S.”

The press released explained the name was chosen because:

* The 10th Street Brewery in Milwaukee brews Leinenkugel’s and various specialty beers.

* Blake Street in Denver is home to the Blue Moon Brewing Company and Sandlot Brewery within Coors Field.

These facilities “will be primary sources of many of the company’s brews, while serving as incubators of ideas and future beers.”

The company list its current roster of beers on its Facebook page: Blue Moon, Leinenkugel’s, Pilsner Urquell, Peroni, Killian’s, Henry Weinhard’s, Grolsch, Tyskie, Lech, Cristal, Cusquena, Aguila, Batch 19, Kasteel Cru, AC Golden brands (Herman Joseph’s, Winterfest, Colorado Native) and Sandlot brands (Brewmaster’s Special, Ski Brews, Barmen, Championship Amber Ale, Right Field Red, Slugger Stout, Power Alley ESB).

3 Replies to “MillerCoors specialty company swings into action”

  1. Hmmm, interesting… well I’d like to see what these beers they come out with taste like. Will they actually be “craft” beers or will they just be Miller/Coors re-branded.

  2. @Chris –
    I’ve enjoyed many a brew at the sandlot at Coors field. These are definitely not rebranded Coors products. They are brewed on site, and deserve the craft brew title. I have also sampled the Hermann Josephs, Killian’s, and Henry Weinhard’s (back in the day) and have no complaints at all. I hope this continues and doesn’t devolve to just a marketing trick.

  3. @John-

    Glad to hear that and I hope they stay in the spirit of craft brewing as this progresses. But I still can’t get the thought that Miller/Coors is just doing this to tap into the fast growing craft beer market, esp since it requires far less advertising then going against Bud and it’s main brands. It just seems like they’re going after an easier, weaker opponent rather then doing it for the love of brewing… But I suppose only time will tell.

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