Miller goes for more caffeine

Miller Brewing Co., which already brews the Sparks and Steel Reserve brands, now owns the caffeinated beverage brands themselves. SABMiller has bought them from McKenzie River Corp. for $215 million cash. Miller has been brewing both of those brands, which comprise the majority of McKenzie River products, for years.

“We anticipate that category to grow for many years,” Marino said. “We feel very positive about this deal because it gives us two strong, growing brands,” spokeman Pete Marino said.

Miller launched its own caffeinated beverage, Mickey’s Stinger, in California, Nevada and Arizona in late May, Marino said. He said he’s heard the introduction has done well but it’s still too early to tell whether the beverage will be sold beyond those markets.

2 Replies to “Miller goes for more caffeine”

  1. I love beer, but steel reserve is the nastiest tasting stuff i have ever encountered.

    Sorry, but thats only one beer-drinkers opinion.


  2. I love beer, and I think Doug is wrong Steel Reserve is a wonderful beer. The taste might not be as smooth as some other products, but thats the price you pay for 8.1% alchohol.


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