Michigan barber can’t serve beer with haircut

A Michigan barber hopes to convince the state’s attorney general’s office to reinstate his cut-and-a-beer service.

Thomas Martin, who has 11 shops in the Grand Rapids area, used to offer customers one complimentary beer until authorities told him to stop.

State Rep. Kevin Green says he doesn’t see why Martin’s clients can’t have a beer since no one is looking to get drunk. The Wyoming Republican has asked the Michigan attorney general’s office to research whether giving customers a beer violates state law.

7 Replies to “Michigan barber can’t serve beer with haircut”

  1. I dunno… the kind of beer I’d want to drink out of a proper glass is NOT the kind of beer I’d want to have pieces of my hair floating in! EEWWWWWW….

  2. In the immortal words of Rex O’Herlihan from Rustlers’ Rhapsody, “I’ll have a warm gin, served in a dirty glass with a human hair in it.”

  3. As an Advocate of Better Beers living in the Great Beer State, Michigan, I am appalled!
    11 shops in the GR area and he can’t even serve something from Founders Brewing Company?
    No wonder our state has more breweries than any other state, but our in-state consumption of MI beer is less than 2%… add it onto the list of everything that is wrong with MI.
    Drink Better Beer.

  4. Beer is beer is beer. would you complain about one at the grocery store. I am sure the hairdresser serving said beer has the tact to keep the hair out of it. Really, I would like a glass of wine withmy facial and a beer with my haircut.

  5. Last time I checked… we were supposed to live in a free country. Clothing boutiques give away free wine when you’re lining up to pay $800 per suit. what the hell… let the guy give it away!!!!

  6. Its freaking awesome…I’d would drink it every day it sucks that they don’t do it but , the girls our hot and I get a really awesome haircut.

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