Lunch with Garrett Oliver

Jaye Beele of the Grand Rapids Press has lunch with Garrett Oliver, master of brewing at Brooklyn Brewery and author of “The Brewmaster’s Table.”

Beele reports they had “mild Bavarian brat weisswurst with sweet Bavarian mustard and knockwurst served with Senf (German deli mustard), reubens, German potato salad and sauerkraut,” but doesn’t mentioned what they had to drink!

He does, however, repeat much of the discussion about beer, including Oliver’s theory that the resurgence in sales of beer with flavor isn’t an anomoly, but a matter of “getting back to normal.”

“When I was growing up, we had this weird period when we had one kind of beer. It was that same period when we had supermarket white bread, American cheese slices, instant coffee crystals and canned vegetables. And that was it.

“As the food culture moved on, people decided they wanted fresh vegetables, some good olive oil, real maple syrup, real bread and real beer – people wanted a better food life.”

And beer is food.

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  1. Was it a Brat, or a Weißwurst?

    If they can’t tell the difference in the food, it’s probably a given that they don’t know what to ask about beer styles.


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