Local? Yes; Craft? Hmmm

That there were more than 4,000 operating breweries in the United States during the 1880s did not mean that drinkers had the variety to choose from they do today, but it does mean there was more local beer.

Today Joe Sixpack looks at the revival of Reading Beer. Legacy Brewing, a micro in Reading, will make the beer, but would you call it craft?

This won’t be a high-priced remake of a classic lager, either. The company will use lower-cost ingredients to produce kegs about the same price as Bud. Initially, it’ll be sold only on draft in taverns around Reading, but if it takes off, there are plans to bottle or can it for wider distribution.

So it won’t just be local – Legacy already does that – but it will also be cheaper and more “accessible” to those who’ve grown up on lighter beer.

Let’s see what happens.