Larry the Cable Guy’s beer

A Nebraska winery/brewery has struck a deal with a hometown comedian to market Git-R-Done beer.

Dan Whitney, the guy who has made Larry the Cable Guy famous, grew up in Pawnee City, where Mike and Sharon Schilling operate SchillingBridge Winery & MicroBrewery.

Upstream Brewing in Omaha will brew the beer while SchillingBridge completes its brewery. When SchillingBridge opened in November 2005, it became the first business in Nebraska to combine a winery with a microbrewery. Its first five beer styles have been contract brewed at Upstream.

Mike Schilling and Upstream brewer Zac Triemert developed the beer as an American light lager, a style similar to the most mass-market beers in the United States. But Triemert said the beer has a “little more flavor and body” than beers produced by corporate breweries.”

Pawnee City is located about 75 miles southeast of Lincoln.

4 Replies to “Larry the Cable Guy’s beer”

  1. as a long time member of the american breweriana association (#7101) I would like to know if I will be able to obtain the gitrdone beer in some fashion since I am located in Texas.

  2. Great…
    That’s all we need is beer in the SAME style of 99%
    of all the beers at the supermarket.
    Thats it im sticking with PBR.

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