Lagunitas ‘Kill Ugly Radio’

Kill Urlgy Radio LabelAs promised last year, Lagunitas Brewing in California has released the second beer in its Frank Zappa series.

Kill Ugly Radio, featuring the inside album art from Zappa’s second album, Absolutely Free, is in stores now. Last year Lagunitas brewed Freak Out! to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of the first album by Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, and Kill Ugly Radio commemorates the 40th anniversary of the second.

Lagunitas founder Tony Magee obtained the permission of the Zappa Family Trust to use the original album art for both.

The beer itself? A hefty 7.8% and not surprisingly brimming with West Coast hops, a blast of citrus and Northwest pine, and unapologetic bitterness.

8 Replies to “Lagunitas ‘Kill Ugly Radio’”

  1. God Bless. Even though the label looks like it was designed in someones basement (which, presumably, it was…zappa’s) I had to buy it. In honor of. And it’s good! Like a mild ‘Hazed and Infused’, perhaps. Useful info since the bottle itself says NOTHING about the style. Call any vegtable.

  2. maybe it was the weed you smoked right before drinking it…?
    I’d say skunky lager tastes most like weed (blech) and K.A.R is a serious ale, not even as strong in hops as an IPA.

  3. I too am currently drinking a Kill Ugly Radio, and it’s the general consensus among my peers that weed is definitely a noticeable (and pleasant) odor in this beer

  4. indeed, the wife says weed smells better than this beer. i’ve been saving it for long enough, it’s great!

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