Kegerator Give-Away Contest is giving away a free kegerator. For those not familiar with the term, a kegerator is a refrigerator that holds and dispenses keg beer.

The Kegerator Give-Away Contest invites participants to fill out an entry form that explains why they should to win a kegerator. The stuff will pick what they consider the most deserving story.

“While I wish I could win the kegerator, we’ve decided to part with one of them, for the sake of our readers,” said Christian Lavender, senior editor of

Additional information and contest rules.

3 Replies to “Kegerator Give-Away Contest”

  1. I’m a home-brewer that has gotten out of the habit after I moved recently and need to get back into it. I’m in a new town that does not have a club. I feel like if I have a kegerator I can show everyone what they are missing.

  2. I Recently started homebrewing and I am really getting into the hobby/life of homebrewing but i have a hard time getting enough bottles to make all the styles i want to try.
    I recently was given a dozen old soda kegs and now i want to move into kegging my beer so i can have up to a dozen 5 gallon batches and use my bottles for test batches or gifts.
    So please consider me for your kegerator.
    Thanks and enjoy a HOMEBREW

  3. A kegerator is pretty much a must have for any serious homebrewer or beer loving advocate. I built one last year and have been pouring wonderful beers made by my own two hands. Between my wife and I, family and friend gatherings at our home, we consume around one 5 gallon Cornelius keg per month…speaking of that I better get started on my next brew – Organic Porter from Northern Brewer, here I come!

    Anyway, if you love beer, make your own kegerator and start at eBay for your chrome towers, tap handles, faucets, kegs and other hardware.

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