Honey Porter or Smoked Lager?

Samuel Adams “Beer Lovers Choice” program is back.

This year one of the choices is Honey Porter, a retired member of the Samuel Adams family first brewed in 1994. The other beer in the competition is Smoked Lager.

Drinkers will have a chance to taste the two new beers and cast their vote during August and September at tasting events in local bars held in select cities nationwide. More information is available at www.samueladams.com.

The beer that receives the most votes will become part of the Samuel Adams Brewmaster’s Collection beginning in January 2007. This mixed 12-pack features a variety of Samuel Adams beers.

Last year drinkers chose Sam Adams Brown Ale over a bohemian pilsner in similar voting.

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  1. WTF?! they brew most of their line here in Cincy and I have to go to Columbus to get a taste? Trust in your hometown! Dangit!

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