Heineken puts Light in ‘slim can’

Heineken Slim CanFor the first day of summer (today), Heineken officially introduces a slim can for Heineken Premium Light.

Heineken began an advertising blitz this week with a full-page ad in USA Today, primetime TV advertising, Internet advertising, insertions in men’s publications and more. According to Brandweek, the on-premise campaign, themed “Mission Irresistible,” will feature samplers dressed as secret agents — complete with trench coats, hats and sunglasses.

The slimmer can was created by VBAT Brand Design, Amsterdam, and is designed to distinguish HLP from both Heineken Lager and domestic light beers. A company press release points out that nearly 60% of domestic light beers are sold in a can.

“The new 12-ounce slim can now offers Heineken Premium Light and domestic light beer drinkers the ability to enjoy its deliciously smooth taste on more occasions,” said Andy Glaser, director-Heineken Brand, Heineken USA. “Particularly in the summer months, beer drinkers look for ways to enjoy their favorite beverages in outdoor locations that may not allow glass packaging.”

A little over four years ago Oskar Blues in Lyons, Colo., started a mini-revolution among craft beers by packaging Dale’s Pale Ale in cans and selling craft beer places it previously was not available. Dozens of small brewers have since installed mini-canning lines.

Heineken is targeting a different drinker. The brewer said it must overcome the “Heineken Hurdle” — a perception among light beer drinkers who previously have tasted Heineken that HPL would be too robust for them.

Brandweek reports the company’s mission is sell 270,000 more barrels of Permium Light this year. HPL sold more than 570,000 barrels in 2006, the year it was introduced.

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  1. “Excuse me, waiter? This water is too robust for me. Do you have some lighter water?”

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