Guinness lets drinkers pour their own

The Publican reports that a “pour your own pint of Guinness” experiment in Irish pubs shows higher sales and that the trials could be headed for pubs in the UK.

A handful of pubs currently offer Guinness from taps on bar tables, with customers pouring their own pints from the metered units after handing over their credit card at the bar.

Diageo’s Brian Duffy said the trial was still being evaluated, although the early signs had been very encouraging.

“Where we have tested ‘pour your own pint’ it has produced significant sales improvements, and shifted share towards us from other brands,” he said.

Duffy denied that the kit would encourage irresponsible drinking.

“What we have actually found in the trials to date is that people actually drink a little slower, as it takes them out of the round culture,” he said.

Bars in the United States have experimented with similar “pour your own” systems.