Green Flash brewmaster leaves to start on brewery

Chuck Silva his resigned his post as brewmaster and vice president of brewing operations at Green Flash Brewing Co.

Here are the details from a press release:

Effective immediately, (Silva) will be funneling his energies into the establishment of his very own craft brewing operation at a yet-to-be-determined location in California’s San Luis Obispo County.

“Words cannot express my deep level of appreciation for the opportunities that Green Flash Founders Mike and Lisa Hinkley have provided me over the past decade-plus,” says Silva. “Together, we pooled our shared passion and determination to accomplish great things and introduce drinkers across the country to innovative, largely hop-forward beers that I was proud to help craft along with Green Flash’s passionate brewing staff. I will miss them all, but feel now is the time to focus on this next chapter.”

Adding to Silva’s enthusiasm is the chance to build his brewing company in the region where he grew up. The brewmaster hails from the Central Coast, and many of his longtime friends and family still live there. Silva is particularly excited about brewing up a business working side-by-side with the newest family member, wife Mary Jo.

When Silva joined Green Flash in 2004, the employee base totaled less than a dozen and the business was struggling to find an identity and market share in San Diego’s rapidly growing brewing industry. Thanks in large part to poignant beers tackling a wide range of styles—from hoppy beers to Belgian-inspired ales to barrel-aged sours and stouts, and more—Green Flash evolved into one of the nation’s premier brewing operations, currently employing more than 200 with nationwide and international distribution, and plans to open a second full-scale brewery in Virginia Beach, Va. in 2016.

“It’s been so fulfilling to play such a major role in the accomplishment of so many goals at Green Flash. Together, we’ve come further and grown larger than I could have ever foreseen. I couldn’t have done it alone and I thank every member of the craft community that helped me along the way,” says Silva. “But it’s always been my dream and personal long-term goal to brew on my own terms. Now is the time to go for it and I’m looking forward to working on smaller projects.”

No word on what the brewery will be called or when it open.