Florida brewers lobby for growler sales

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Florida Beer Lovers,

The Florida Brewers Guild needs your help.

Senate Bill 2062 has been filed in the Florida Legislature and seeks to amend the Florida Statutes so as to allow ‘brewpubs’ to sell beer brewed for off-premises consumption, and to remove container size restrictions for malt beverages so as to allow for the sale of ‘growlers’.

Click or copy and paste the following link to view Senate Bill 2062:


We have a potential sponsor in the House, Representative Mike Horner, but he is being pressured to remove the provision that would allow brewpubs to sell for off-premises consumption.

We ask that you use the following link to email Representative Horner and ask that he sponsor a House bill with the same provisions as Senate Bill 2062.

Please act NOW – Tuesday March 2nd is the last day for Representatives to file bills.

Representative Horner can also be reached by phone at:

407-943-3077 or 850-488-8992

Sample Message:

I, _________, support legislation to allow brewpubs to be able to sell their beer for off-premises consumption. If passed, this legislation would:

1) Give consumers a choice in when and where they drink their favorite beer (i.e. at home)

2) Increase sales to support new jobs and increase excise and sales taxes for the state

3) Support tourism–thousands of beer enthusiasts travel to find & collect unique beer

4) Make Florida more attractive to prospective brewery projects and investment

Please support local Florida breweries and Florida beer enthusiasts by supporting a House companion bill to Senate Bill 2062.

Thank you,

The Florida Brewers Guild

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  1. Argue also that the supermarkets already have an unfair advantage over brewpubs in price. Equity will help the corner pub stay in business.

    (Check out CAMRA.com to see how they are fighting this unfair advantage.)

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