Drinking to the ‘other’ New Year

Tsingtao Pure DraftFile this one between Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day: Chinese New Year, actually a month-long celebration starting just after Valentine’s Day and running into March. 2007 is the Year of the Boar.

Tsingtao makes it easier for us less than familiar with Chinese tradition to celebrate, including a primer for hosting a party as well as downloadable party invitations.

The good news: “Guarantee your good fortune in the New Year by assembling a centerpiece made from fresh flowers, oranges and tangerines, all symbols of good luck and wealth.”

The not so good news: “According to ancient tradition, every corner of your home should be swept and cleaned in preparation for your New Year’s celebration.”

Not surprisingly, Tsingtao suggest serving its beer – the No. 1 branded consumer product exported from China – at the party. Last summer the brewery began sending Tsingtao Pure Draft to the United States as well as its Lager. The company introduced the beer to the high-end Chinese market in 1999.

Pure Draft if filtered, but not pasteurized. Light in color and body, it opens with a bit of bready sweetness and mild spicy hop aroma, with more hop bitterness arriving at the end. Smooth, with gentle carbonation and an underlying soft (the yeast?) texture.

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  1. I was surprised when I read about how much beer the Chinese consume, I may just have to put the Chinese new year on the list of festivals involving beer that I celebrate each year.

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