‘Diary of a Part-Time Monk’ available

Diary of a Part-Time Monk, the book about J. Wilson’s beer-and-water fast last spring, has been released.

Iowan Wilson gained national exposure during his fast, after explaining his goal:

“Working to nourish their bodies through during the lengthy 46-day fast during Lent, the Paulaner monks of Neudeck ob der Au in Munich are credited with developing the doppelbock style of beer in the 17th century. Packed with carbohydrates, calories and vitamins, this unfiltered ‘liquid bread’ sustained the monks from Ash Wednesday to Easter, and over 300 years later, the rich history and quality of this beer is well-known throughout the world.With this in mind, blogger J. Wilson is embarking on a historical study, fasting on doppelbock for the same 46-day stretch that the storied German monks once endured — and live to tell the tale.”

Diary of a Part-Time Monk was published by Old Line Publishing of Hampstead, Maryland, as is available in retail outlets and online bookstores.