Coors fights ‘warm beer syndrome’

To promote its new Cold Activated Bottle, Coors Light plans the “World’s Most Refreshing Happy Hour” to help “adult consumers nationwide to stop suffering from warm beer syndrome.” From the press release:

Coors Brewing Company executives, employees and distributors are joining forces to build awareness and trial of the company’s latest innovation, the Cold Activated Bottle. Mountains on the label turn from white to blue when Coors Light is at the optimal temperature for cold refreshment. In cities nationwide, Coors ambassadors will be working with retailers to engage consumers and encourage trial of the Cold Activated Bottle.

“When drinkers choose Coors Light, they’re looking for refreshment. The Cold Activated Bottle is designed to ensure that drinkers experience the coldest, most refreshing beer possible,” said Andy England, chief marketing officer for Coors Brewing Company. “On May 18, we are celebrating our newest innovation by inviting consumers to come out and raise a cold one for the World’s Most Refreshing Happy Hour.”

It seems we all have our own way of celebrating American Craft Beer Week.

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  1. A warm beer is only a crime when it’s too insipid to be consumed at temperatures above which taste buds come out of hibernation. Given the nature of this yellow-fizz product, I’m not surprised that Coors has had to go to these lengths to help their consumers avoid the horror of actually tasting it.

  2. i’d love to grab a can of spray paint and defile their billboards which currently describe the product as “world’s most refreshing beer” to something more accurate, say “world’s most polluted beer”

    i mean, whatever happened to truth in advertising?!

  3. Q. Why is it not possible to enjoy the taste? A. Because it is far too cold! Beer is supposed to be enjoyable, not used to freeze the tongue.

  4. I am guessing most of you don’t visit many large establishments. According to many customer surveys concerning thier favorite light (lite) beer, the biggest objection/suggestion is getting an “ice cold” beer. Optimum serving temperature for 70% of the beers on the market is 38 *F. The mountains on the bottle turn “BLUE” at 38 *F. No joke!

  5. I agree about the taste of warm Coors Lite. UGH! As for the mountains turning blue, they must have stolen that idea from KOKANEE beer here in Canada. They’ve been doing that on their cans for years and even had promotions giving away beer glasses with the temperature sensitive logo on it!

  6. To be fair, Coors is hardly the worst American beer. Sure, this is a stupid marketing gimmick, but welcome to America.

    American piss, whoops, I mean mass-produced beer, all tastes better at -5 degrees kelvin, since you can’t taste anything at that point.

    I love good premium beers, and I drink them in the 55 degree range.

    But I tell you what, NYC summers are like being in the ovens of hell, my local Key-Food sells 24oz. Coors cans for 99 cents(includes the cold-activated ink), and when it’s 105 degrees out on my balcony, a Coors is very refreshing when it is drunk at 29 degrees, with ice crystals starting to form in it.

    I would not even call it a beer drinking experience, more like drinking an unsweetened, beer-flavored slushie….

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