Color A-B blonde for summer

The latest selection in Anheuser-Buesch’s seasonal draught program isn’t as frisky as those that have come before.

Beach Bum Blonde Ale – a 5.4% abv blond beer – seems to be aimed more at “casual” beer drinkers than, for instance, the winter offering of Bourbon Cask Ale. But it is ale and it is hopped with Cascades, so will still stand in contrast to Budweiser or Bud Light (or Miller Genuine Draft or Miller Light or Coors Light or . . . you get the point).

From the press release:

This American blonde ale is brewed with the finest pale and caramel roasted barley malts and is hopped with imported Alsace and Hallertau hops, as well as Cascade hops from the Pacific Northwest.

“Blonde ales are wonderfully crisp and easily drinkable, which makes them an ideal choice for a summer beverage,” said Florian Kuplent, brewmaster, Anheuser-Busch. “The addition of Beach Bum Blonde Ale is a nice way to conclude our first year of this program because it can be enjoyed by everyone from casual beer drinkers to beer purists who are looking for an ale with a nice balance, gentle flavor and smooth finish.”

The release also indicates that the fall selection will be a repeat from last fall – Jack’s Pumpkin Spice Ale.

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  1. I actually saw this beer in a bar recently and they served it either by itself or actually mixed it with a stout – think black and tan (A-B’s stout was used in this particular concoction) and they called it a Dirty Blonde. I have to say that I actually liked the combination, but also liked the beer by itself. I like the fact that A-B is actually branching out from their core brands to make different/micro-brew type beers.

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